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Solar Water Heaters - Flat Plate Model

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Agni Solaar Products offers a complete range of Solar Water Heater - Flat Plate Model is used for various applications in different sectors such as hotels, hostels, power plants, apartments, pharmaceutical industries and industrial preheated water for boilers. Also used for bathing, cooking, cleaning.
Agni solaar Water Heating systems are specially designed and build for reducing the cost of heating water compared to conservatively fueled methods, providing a consistent, eco friendly, and low maintenance hot water supply. Water heater is very easy to control and install offering high efficiency, durability and conforms to the international quality standards.

Technical Specifications
Solar water heater flat plate modelFlat Plate Collector is designed for elevated performance and long life which make solar hot water system most efficient.
Solar water heater flat plate modelOutside layer : Electroplate the black chrome improves energy absorption, long service life, enduring high temperature.
Solar water heater flat plate modelGlass Cover : Maximum heat maintenance, high transmittance, and high performance.
Solar water heater flat plate model Aluminium Covering : Weather proof Aluminum casing is used for better protection and long life of collector
Solar water heater flat plate model Storage : Maximum amount of solar energy available to the system can be stock up for use
Solar water heater flat plate modelPressure tank also available
Solar water heater flat plate modelIn case in your place water quality is not good the TDS and PPM so high, we prefer copper tank.

Agni solaar systems

Technical Data
Fin welding
Collector frames
Top cover / Glazing
Collector Area
Inner tank
Inner tank welding
Turbulence preventer
Deep drawn dishes
Outer tank
Tank side dish
Heat Retention
Electrical backup
Supporting stand
Pressure Release Valve
Vaccum Release valve
- Copper with block chrome
- Ultra sonic / tig welding
- Aluminium powder coated
- Toughened glass 4mm thick
- 2 sq.mm
- Stainless steel 304L
- Tig welding to prevent corrosion
- Provided
- Provided
- stainless steel
- Aluminium powder coated
- 72 Hrs
- provided ISI make (optional)
- MS powder coated
- Provided ( for pressuria model only )
- Provided ( for pressuria model only )
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