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Power Saving Lights (230V AC)

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We offer power saving AC LED street lights and CFL light fixtures.

Electronic Ballasts 230V AC (24hrs×7days)

Agni solaar systemsUsing 36w CFL.
Agni solaar systemsLow power consumption.
Agni solaar systemsPower factor >0.95
Agni solaar systemsWork on low voltages and high voltages.
Agni solaar systemsWorks excellent against surge.
Agni solaar systemsExcellent lux(Lumens).
Agni solaar systemsWorks nicely on genset in industries.
Agni solaar systemsLife time of tubes will increase.
Agni solaar systemsMoisture proof.
Agni solaar systemsVery low maintenance.
Agni solaar systemsVery good pay back period.

Agni solaar systemsIndustry uses (Indoor and Outdoor purpose)

Agni solaar systems

LED Domestic Lighting Systems(230V AC)

We offer power LED lights for used in domestic and office uses.

Agni solaar systemsAppartments, Passages, Hotel's corridor,Rest room, Garden night lamp.

LED Industrial Lighting Systems(230V AC)

We offer an extensive range of power LED lights that are widely used in various industries.
Agni solaar systemsHall light, best for mining and industrial use dark flame proof area.
Agni solaar systemsOffices and residence, jwellary show room.
Agni solaar systemsAppartments,passages, hotel's corridor, rest room, garden night lamp, spot light.

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